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Exercise is King, Nutrition is Queen, put them together and you have got a Kingdom

Smart Nutrilife is Expertise in Weight Management and Diabetics Management.

Dietitian and nutritionists plan food and nutrition programs and supervise the preparation and serving of meal.

Dietitian is an expert in dietetics that is human nutrition and the regulation of diet. A diet planner alters their patient’s nutrition in diet plan based upon their medical condition and individual needs.

It is an essential to live life to the fullest with healthy diets with positive attitude improves the quality of life. We provide need based consultation to bring healthy and happiness together for a better life. My aim in providing diets which are nutritious and healthy. We do not believe in Crash Diets and Mono Diets.

Most weight management techniques encompass long-term lifestyle strategies that promote healthy eating and daily physical activity. Through the combo of best diet plan and exercise schedule, many people manage their body weight with harita parikh . 

  • Exercise is celebration what your body can do.
  • Not a Punishment what you ate.
  • Nourishing for healthy Pregnancy.
  • Nourish your self is joyful experience.
  • You will get your nourishing time in our diet clinic.
  • Personal Diet planer will create a special program for you.
  • Planner can help you to change your diet habits.


Harita Parikh is one of the best dietitian of Vadodara. In the area of nutrition she has done her masters(MSC), that is the reason she is the expert in Baroda to provide best nutrition diet to her patient. 

She is Certified Diabetes Educator(CDE) to teach people how to control their blood sugar. With the help of her best diet plan and exercised guidance, her patient got succeed to control Diabetes


Pushing my limits was fun. The way she interact with us and give her guidance in ever moment is the best thing. I feel very happy when i saw my self in mirror, Really good experience with Dt. Harita Parikh
Harita is fun loving by nature but as well as very strict in follow of diet. Her great diet planning makes me feel light even i can see changes in my body and skin.thank you Harita Parikh for make my feel light
Start my day with morning breakfast and workout is bring my energy for whole day. With the help of her diet plan my diabetes is control and now i am not taking any medicine. thank you bhumi weight fit centre